Our vision is to help organizations harvest more value from their efforts and their people to be engaged and experience fulfillment in their work life

We are a Scandinavian energizer company providing education, support, mentoring and tools to organizations. We serve those, who for various reasons want to improve internally, but driven by improvement in their external relations with customers and beneficiaries.

Our work is based to a large extent on Scrum, the most well-known and used pattern for leading Agile projects and product development. In the wider context we draw heavily on the principles in Lean, originally fathered by W. Edwards Deming, the whole cognitive concept of complexity as described by Dave Snowden in his Cynefin. Finally there is a lot to be learned from Amy Edmondson and her work on The Learning Organization. The is a multitude of academics and writers that have contributed to the field, read our articles about some of them and their work, that have inspired us.

We have, together with good colleagues, synthesized a coherent concept for getting work done successfully in organizations in the modern world characterized by high complexity. We call this Agile Lean Leadership, read more about it here… 

We did not invent all of this, we are the humble editors and custodians of other people’s great work. We do claim however, that we have pulled the concepts together and made their application in real life much easier to accomplish.

We have over the years worked with companies in the IT sector, financial sector, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, large multinational corporations and institutions in the public sector. Some of these faced cultural issues, some have been on a burning technology platform and some simply were inspired to do better than they did before.

We have always devoted part of our efforts to support nonprofit organizations, who normally cannot afford professional services and education. We try to pay back something to society by doing pro-bono work for select organizations. They may not be in business to make money, but instead seek to serve as many people as they can with the resources that have been entrusted them. It is still the case that they want to generate maximum value out of their efforts.

We also started to prepare for transplanting our services to the developing countries, in particular to East Africa, where one of our colleagues is engaged in finding the right partners and educators to work with in helping these societies in establishing sustainable and resilient organizations and institutions. More about this initiative in the near future as it matures.