Tools are best when help is available to use them optimally. Sometimes organizations don’t need more tools, but rather assistance in using optimally what they already have got.

Product Development

We participate in product development for various clients. Our Team has extensive know-how in designing and implementing mission-critical solutions based on standard software platforms. Read more about it here…


Together with other Scrum Trainers from Scandinavia, we have started a dedicated education program for leaders to understand and benefit from the Agile Lean patterns throughout the organization, read more about it here…. There is also a dedicated website here…

Agile Lean Mentoring

It can be a daunting challenge to start an organization-wide introduction and transformation into an Agile and Lean enterprise. Entrenched patterns of thought and behavior need to change and nobody changes just by being told, they have to be shown. We can assist; by participating in the process on an ongoing basis, maximum impact is achieved; The AgileLeanHouse Network has several skilled experts on-board that can particpate in this way. Read more on this page.

Certified Scrum Training

One of our Team members (Kurt B. Nielsen) is a Certified Scrum Trainer under the Scrum Alliance. We offer training and certification for Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners, read more on this page and here…

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