Webinar: Practical Team-Based Estimation

Wed. January 26. 2022, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA. Duration 1 hour

Presenters Vibeke Kristensen and Kurt Nielsen

Getting a handle on good and practical estimation techniques can help a team in many ways.

Estimating can be fun. It helps teams achieve ownership of their work, and most of all it reduces uncertainty and makes inherent uncertainty vividly apparent for both teams and stakeholders.

Estimating has to be kept meaningful and fun though – and this is where this webinar comes in.

In Practical Team-Based Estimation, we will look at various estimation techniques:

  • T-shirt Estimation and Estimation Poker – estimating team efforts
  • Kano estimation – estimating Value
  • Cynefin Estimatin – discovering complexity
  • Confidence estimation – trawling for outliers
  • Estimating in ranges – including uncertainty

And we will show how these techniques can be used and applied both to colocated and dispersed teams.

Getting practical with estimation is a key element in achieving some kind of predictability even when doing highly complex work.

Join us on Wednesday, Jan. 26. at 19:00 CET for an inspiring Meetup presentation and exercise led by Kurt Nielsen and Vibeke Kristensen.

You can sign up through Meetup.


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