At the Scrum Gathering in Vienna

Last week we were at the Scrum Gathering in Vienna, orchestrated by the Scrum Alliance.

There were many interesting topics, and we made many new contacts and people who wanted to join our network around Agile Lean Leadership. Many people have realized that a part of the world is ripe for this kind of initiative. Organizations across the globe are on burning platforms one way or another, the Neo-Taylorist approach that brought us here is not going to get us out. We need to leverage the value of the engaged individual over pure efficiency.

Melissa Boggs and Howard Sublett, chief Scrum Master and Chief Product Owner of the Scrum Alliance, held an Open Space presentation about the organization they have built in the Scrum Alliance. We are very impressed with their determination, passion and results. Keep up the good work!

And everybody out there, the board, trainers and coaches, please give them the backup they need to accomplish this vision of changing the world of work.

The whole Tuesday was open space day, see here:

We managed to get a slot to talk about Agile Lean Leadership and the organization it produces. thank you everybody that showed up and took part in the great discussion.

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