We help organizations reap maximum benefit from their efforts. We do that by:

  • Educating in Scrum and other Agile and Lean disciplines in an effective and understandable way
  • Assisting on-site in introducing the ways of working sustainably
    • Being coaches and mentors for the people, tasked to make the organization work smoothly
  • Creating tools to support and uphold the work patterns
    • Creating both  IT tools and practical physical tools

We are happy to come out and give you a quick introduction in your organization

I have personally worked with Scrum since 2005. I became a Scrum Master in 2005 on one of the first courses held in Denmark, later i became a Scrum Professional and in 2008 I was approved as a Certified Scrum Trainer under the Scrum Alliance, an American non-profit organization.

I have never seen such an effective pattern as Scrum, on the one side it is really simple and practical, on the other side, it cuts right through the layers of old stale management, practices and layers of non-transparency. Scrum often creates results no one thought possible.

The best part is, that everybody in the organization will be more fulfilled at work, that is if the appreciate openness and transparency. So drop in at our offices or online, let us have a talk about how Scrum can be of service to your organization.

We hold open public training courses, but also internal ones on-site. We participate in organizational tranformations on-site as well.

ScrumMaster. dk became a division in AgileLeanHouse A/S in 2016. We have offices in Vejle, Denmark and an international network of educators and coaches to help scale Scrum out in the organizations, not just implement at the Team level.

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-Kurt B. Nielsen