1Mountain GoatMike Cohn years experience with Agile and Scrum. Training, coaching and online video courses. Co-founder of Scrum Alliance and Scrum Alliance.
2Scrum Alliance established agile membership and certification organization.
3Scrum.org by Ken Schwabber to improve Scrum knowledge, training and implementation.
4Scrum inc by Jeff Sutherland to provide Scrum training and consulting. Agile transformation, leadership workshops...
5Deming instituteW. Edwards Deming of continual improvement. Inspired transformational theories and teachings in quality, management and leadership.
6Boris GlogerBoris Gloger trainer and agile consultant; inventor of ballpoint game used as a way to give teams a playful way as the first contact with the agile process.
7LeSS Scrum. LeSS is Scrum applied to many teams working together on a product.
8SaFe Agile Framework. Describes roles, artifacts and activities necessary to implement Lean-Agile development.
9Scrum at scale by Jeff Sutherland. Framework designed to coordinate scrum teams to achieve linear scalability.
10Esther Derby years helping companies design environment, culture and human dynamics. Asserts that level of individual, team and company success is deeply impacted by work environment and organizational dynamics.
11Amy Edmonsonhttp://www.hbs.eduProfessor of Leadership at Harvard Business School. Research interests in cross-boundary teaming in and between organizations and on the ways leaders enable the kinds of complex collaborations that such teaming generates; and examining how leaders successfully create organizational change and learning in fast-paced, challenging and uncertain industry contexts.
12Diane Larsenhttp://www.soe.umich.eduProfessor with PhD in Linguistics. Found that chaos/complexity theory provides new insight into the acquisition and use of language.Views teaching as a process of managing learning.
13Ken Schwaber as one of the leaders of the agile software development movement. Founder of the Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance. Original signatory of the Agile Manifesto and co-author of the Scrum Guide.
14Jeff Sutherland and co-creator of Scrum. Brought the first Scrum team together and together with Ken Schwaber grew Scrum and spread it. Original signatory of the Agile Manifesto and co-author of the Scrum Guide.
15Scott Yateshttp://www.scottyatespr.com22+ years developing and implementing communications programmes for organizations. Shows how to engage customers, solicit feedback in "Customer and Community Engagement".
16Curious Cathttp://www.curiouscat.comCurious Cat Management Improvement. A website providing online management improvement assistance. A collection of resources considered to provide information that advances joy in work and joy in life.
17Roman Pichler years of experience with teaching product managers and product owners. Claims that as much as agile and product have benefited many businesses, little has changed as product owners are not empowered and lack necessary skills; and organizations are still project-driven while teams are not self-organizing but collections of individuals.
18Gojko Adzic helping teams align software delivery with business goals.. Specialized in agile and lean quality improvement.
19Crisp company with no CEOs, no managers. Founded by consultants who have experience in agile development methods. Rely on self-organization and transparency and almost everything is bottom-up. Main purpose is to enable the consultants to be happy.
20Henrik Kniberg years experience coaching and mentoring organizations. Says improvement of software development depends on leadership, motivation and organizational structure with the most effective approaches being systems thinking, theory of constraints, lean thinking and implementation of agile practices.
21Tom GIlb, teacher and author who has worked mainly in Software Engineering in previous years. Driver of technical disciplines such as ‘software metrics’ and ‘evolutionary project management’. Inventor of the planning language, Planguage. Idea source for parts of the Agile and Extreme programming methods.
22 Mary Poppendieckhttp://www.poppendieck.comWrote award-winning book to explain how lean principles from manufacturing offer a better approach to software development.
23Kent Beck engineer and creator of Extreme Programming, a methodology that promotes a collaborative and iterative design process. One of the original signatories of the agile manifesto.
24Craig Larmanhttp://www.craiglarman.comManagement consultant on scaling lean and agile product development with large-scale scrum. Co-creator of LeSS with Bas Vodde.
25Uncle Bob Martin Cecil Martin. Co-author of the agile manifesto. Runs consulting firm and website which hosts videos on how to maximize productivity of individuals and building quality software - Clean Coders.
26Agile42 in 2007. Provides training and coaching on lean-agile development methods like Scrum, Kanban, systems thinking and Lean and Agile leadership.
27100 Top Agile Blogs in 2017Luís Gonçalves over the best agle blogs