1Management 3.0Appelo,Jurgen radical ideas for management, many relevant ideas
2Test-Driven DevelopmentBeck, Kent
3Extreme Programming ExplainedBeck, Kent/Andres Cynthia
4Succeeding with AgileCohn, Mike
5User Stories AppliedCohn, Mike
6Agile TestingCrispin Lisa/Gregory Janet
7Principles of Software Engineering ManagementGilb, Tom
8Innovation GamesHohmann, Luke
9The Pragmatic ProgrammerHunt, Andrew/Thomas David
10Large-Scale ScrumLarman, Craig/Vodde Bas
11Practices for Scaling Lean & Agile DevelopmentLarman, Craig/Vodde Bas
12Scaling Lean & Agile DevelopmentLarman, Craig/Vodde Bas
13Agile Product Management with ScrumPichler, Roman
14Leading Lean Software DevelopmentPoppendieck Mary and Tom
15Lean Software DevelopmentPoppendieck Mary and Tom
16Essential ScrumRubin, Kenneth S. fairly recent and very good overview of Scrum
17Agile TransitionTomasini, Andrea/Kearns, Martin
18Joel on SoftwareSpolsky Joel
19Din er magtenLaustsen, Vagn
20Positive LeadershipCameron, Kim
21Organize for ComplexityPflaeging, Niels
22KanbanAnderson, David J.
23The Cynefin Mini-BookBrougham, Greg
24Crossing the ChasmMoore, Geoffrey A
25The Chasm CompanionWiefels, Paul
26Product Development FlowReinertsen, Donald G.
27The Deming Management MethodWalton, Mary
28Statistical Method from the Wiewpoint of Quality ControlShewhart, Walter A.
29Competitive EngineeringGilb, Tom
30Parkinsons LovParkinson, C.Northcote
31Lean vs Agile vs Design ThinkingGothelf, Jeff
32Change by DesignBrown, Tim
33The Machine That Changed the WorldWomack, James P/Jones, Daniel T/Roos, Daniel
34Built to LastCollins,James C/Porras, Jerry I.
35Inside the TornadoMoore, Geoffrey A
36Blue Ocean StrategyKim, W. Chan/Mauborgne Renée
37Lean Concepts
39Every Good EndeavourKeller, Timothy
40The Puritan GiftHopper, Kenneth and William
41Making your work workGillett, Jan
42Agile ModelingAmbler, Scott W.
43Lean ArchitectureCoplien, James/Bjørnvig, Gertrud
44Statistical Adjustment of DataDeming, W. Edwards
45The Lean Product PlaybookOlsen, Dan
46Software in 30 daysSchwaber, Ken/Sutherland, Jeff
47Radical ManagementDenning, Stephen
48The Leaders Guide to StorytellingDenning, Stephen
49The Secret Language of LeadershipDenning, Stephen
50Self-Managing TeamsHicks, Robert F./Bone Diane
51Agile Metrics in ActionDavis, Christopher W.H.
52Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured ProductShewhart, Walter A.
53The Essentiel DemingDeming, W. Edwards
54The big book of creativity gamesEpstein, Robert Ph.D
55Fourth Generation ManagementJoiner, Brian L.
56The Toyota Way Liker, Jeffrey K.
57The Toyota Way FieldbookLiker, Jeffrey K./Meier, David
58The Reengineering AlternativeSchneider, William N.
59The Leaders HandbookScholtes, Peter R.
60Agile Project Management with ScrumSchwaber, Ken
61The Enterprise and ScrumSchwaber, Ken
62Out of the CrisisDeming, W. Edwards commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation. According to W. Edwards Deming, American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management style and of governmental relations with industry. Management must be judged not only by the quarterly dividend, but by innovative plans to stay in business, protect investment, ensure future dividends, and provide more jobs through improved product and service
63The New EconomicsDeming, W. Edwards
64ScrumbanLadas Corey
65Reinventing organizationsLaloux,Frederic
66Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your UserstoriesAdzic, Gojko/Evans, David
67Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your TestsAdzic, Gojko/Evans, David/Roden, Tom
68Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your RetrospectivesRoden, Tom/Williams Ben
69Head First Design PatternsFreeman, Eric & Elisabeth
70Lean UXGothelf, Jeff/Seiden, Josh
71Running LeanMaurya, Ash
72Extreme Programming
73User Story MappingPatton, Jeff
74The Team HandbookScholtes Peter/Joiner B./Streibel B.
75Agile Software Development with ScrumSchwaber, Ken/Beedle Mike
76The Lean StartupHeath, Dan
77Getting Things DoneAllen, David
78Agile RetrospectivesDerby Esther/Larsen Diana
79Lean from the TrenchesKniberg, Henrik
80Release ITNygard, Michael T.
81Interface-Oriented DesignPugh, Ken
82Practices of an Agile DeveloperSubramaniam Venkat/Hunt Andy
83Pragmatic Project AutomationClark, Mike
84Ship ItRichardson, Jared/Gwaltney William Jr. advice OK, but somewhat mixed up on principles
85Real-World KanbanSkarin, Mattias
86Agile Estimating and PlanningCohn, Mike
87Murphy´s LawBloch, Arthur
88Lean Culture
89Demings Profound ChangesDelavigne, Kenneth/Roberrtson, J.D.
90Management Challenges for the 21st CenturyDrucker, Peter F
91The Power of ScrumSutherland, Jeff/Solingen,R/Rustenburg, E
92Dr. DemingAguayo, Rafael
93First, Break all the rulesBuckingham, Marcus/Coffman, Curt
94Voltaires BastardsSaul, John Ralston
95Lean ThinkingWomack, James P/Jones Daniel T
96The Deming DimensionNeave, Henry R.
97Understanding VariationWheeler, Donald J.
98Scrum ChecklistsGloger, Boris
99Product Development for the Lean EnterpriseKennedy, Michael N.
100Managing Successful Projects with Prince2
101Scrum A Pocket GuideVerheyen, Gunther
102The New Strategic SellingHeiman, Stephen/Sanchez, Diane
103The Digital Innovation PlaybookWebb, Nicholas J.
104The ServantHunter, James C
105Change by DesignBrown, Tim
106Thinking in SystemsMeadows, Donella H.
107Boyd, The fighter pilot who changed the art of warCoram, Robert
108It worked for mePowell, Colin
109My share of the taskMcChrystal, General Stanley
110Turn the Ship AroundMarquet, Louis David
111Team of TeamsMcChrystal, General Stanley
112Differences That Make a DifferenceAckoff, Russel L.
113Systems Thinking for Curios ManagersAckoff, Russel L.
114Management f-LawsAckoff, Russel L./Addison, Herbert J.
115Ackoff's F/laws The CakeAckoff, Russel L./Addison, Herbert J.
116Titanic Lessons for IT ProjectsKozak-Holland, Mark
117The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleCovey, Stephen R.
118Extreme TeamingEdmondson, Amy/Harvey Jean-Francios
119The Turn the Ship Around workbookMarquet, Louis David/Andy Worshek
120The Management Myth, Debunking modern business PhilosophyStewart, Matthew