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Newsletter: Sensory Overload - Our heads are spinning, we can’t see the forest for the trees, there is noise in the system. There are lots of idioms to describe the state of confusion caused by sensory overload, but how can we get clarity and focus on what really matters?
Free webinar: Turning Feedback into real Customer Value - Constructive feedback is the foundation of all good product or service development. Join our free webinar on February 15, 7 PM CET.
Popular webinar “Decision-Making without the Classic Hierarchy” (Engelsk) - See the webinar at its full length and download slides and materials as well!
Newsletter: Organizational Paralysis - The role of Product Owner is largely undervalued in organizations, either from fear of ceding power or of change. But active and competent POs may be the key to curing organizational paralysis.
New content addition to Scrum courses - Attend one of our upcoming Scrum Master courses and experience the new training segment on how to create sustainable workflows for personal work.