Get much more out of your teams

René Figgé

Tuesday the 21st of January from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, we host a new course in our Agile Lean Leadership series called “Teams, Advanced”. It will take place in our seminar facilities in Vejle (Lyholt Allé 6, 7100 Vejle, Denmark).

The course should be seen as an extension of our agile scrum courses and has been developed together with René Figgé. It is a course that has already proved its value in Norway. 

Everyone works with Teams, but few people attain the maximum benefits from it. A true Team is a social entity, where trust, respect and common goals and values guide the behavior of team members.

Come and learn how to get organized, how to remove impediments and generally how to help Teams reach their goals. When pivotal change happens and a group becomes a true Team, you will witness a quantum leap in the quality of work produced and the job satisfaction of Team members. Building up your teams is one of the best investments there is. 

René and I have attempted to combine our experience to see if we could make one plus one become more than two – in all humility, we believe we have succeeded. 

Join us at the first of these courses in Vejle. We begin by offering everyone an early-bird price of DKK 4.750 + vat, including course materials and catering. 

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— Kurt B. Nielsen

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