The Mentoring Program

Christian Myrstad

The “Agile Lean Mentoring” program offers on-site and on-line assistance to help organizations introduce Agile Lean Leadership to transform and sustain their operations.

Services include: 

  • Assessment of current operation, roles and procedures
  • Discussion of Agile-Lean Team-based approach and possible structures
  • Advice on implementation and alternative work patterns
  • On-going roll-out support
  • Optional implementation of software tools (Agemba)

Specific considerations

Leise Passer Jensen
  • Organizational design. Using the concepts of Teams and Circles, a structure of internal and external services is designed and described. The broad organization is involved to ensure general acceptance is achieved. Every Team formulates their Team or Circle “Manifest” which describes who they are and what they do. Every relationship and event also has a manifest. Patterns and practices to develop psychological safety in the organization are discussed.
  • Team composition. How to create a successful, self-organizing  Team with the right competences and personalities.
  • The Scrum Master or Agile Coach role. The primary focus for the person holding this role is to develop an organizational structure that focuses on removing impediments, enabling learning and innovation, leveling the road and protecting the Team’s process. The Scrum Master role in all teams it vital for resolving issues, drivingconstant improvement and keep to agreed time-lines.
    Anja Warich

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