Japanese symbols

We are inspired by the whole Lean Thinking, that came to us in the west from Japan, but had its roots in the American W. Edwards Deming’s teaching. Nevertheless, the Japanese attention to detail and quality is inspiring and their Kanji letters and symbols are really beautiful.

Sign Explanation
These symbols means “agile”, “quick”, “clever” or “smart. In AgileLeanHouse are we strive to achieve the highest value by being very attentive to reality right now and being able to react to it quickly.
現場 The symbols “Gemba” means “the real place”, the place where stuff really happens. It inspired us to our product name “agemba”.
現物 These symbols “Genbutsu” means  “the real things”, the stuff or products that really are made.
現実  These symbols “Genjitsu” means  “reality”, the situation that really is.
The first symbol the concepts above: “Gen”, means  “real” or the present. Being in the present and relating to it is very important, so that change of direction is based on reality and not just some opinion.
 This symbol means “house”. The house in AgileLeanHouse symbolize how we tackle all relevant questions and disciplines under one roof.
This symbol means “Corner”, horn or angle. We use it in our blog section Agile Corner.
This symbol means “Team”. Remember how important the concept of the Team is. In the complex domain it is the organizational structure most likely to produce innovation.
改善 These symbols means “Kaizen” in Japanese, the well known concept of constant improvement from Lean. At the heart of Agile and Lean lies the concept of constant improvement.
This symbol means “Improvement” or “Change”.
改革 These symbols means “Kaikaku” in Japanese, “Reform” or “Radical change”.
The symbol “zen” means “good” or “change”. The other part of “Kaizen”: 改善.
This symbol means “Become serious”. The other part of “Kaikaku”: 改革.
This symbol means “circle”, “ring” or “loop”.
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