Is Scrum “Old Hat”?

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No! absolutely not, but Scrum may by now be like a pair of old walking boots shaped by many cross-country journeys and unexpected challenges.

We are looking back at about 25 years of Scrum history with the announcement on the 18. of November 2020 of the most recent version of the “Scrum Guide”, brought to us by the originators of Scrum: Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. 

These software veterans presented Scrum at the OOPSLA conference in 1995 after experimenting with it for some years, but nothing much happened until the publication of the seminal book “Agile software development with Scrum” in 2002, where the Scrum journey really started.

In this online follow up webinar, we briefly trace the history and impact of Scrum, and how it has developed over the years, including the development of the Scrum Guide (SG). The authors still call this document “The Definitive Guide to Scrum”.

However, the real meat of the session is to try and pinpoint the true usefulness of Scrum today  as presented in the SG and to explore some of the ways it has developed beyond its original scope.  We will highlight a number of important points from the SG and there will be some online challenges and opportunities for discussing highlighted items.

We round off by explaining the rationale behind  the extended framework Agile Lean Leadership that we have worked on and present an overview of how it is applied to the whole organization. 

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Scrum may be our trusted old walking boots and a necessity for a journey towards radical improvement; but sometimes, what starts as a short trip turns into a much bigger, requiring more substantial equipment. We created Agile Lean Leadership as a framework that takes the fundamental principles of Scrum and allows them to be scaled out across entire organizations.

Join us for an interesting hour and a half at Copenhagen Meetup on the 18. November at 19:00 CET, please register here…. If we run out of spots, please let us know via email, and we will send you a link for an extra event on the 19. same time.

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