Working in the complex domain requires a change of mindset, but extraordinary results can be achieved when people with common values, work together towards common goals.

While no two organizations are the same or have the same requirements, but education, coaching and mentoring in combination with the right software tools can positively transform an organization’s performance for all stakeholders.


The educational program provides a thorough understanding of both the conceptual and practical aspects of implementing change in an organization using Agile Lean patterns.

Introductory course

The first step is to understand the basics. What is the Agile Lean mindset, why is it necessary and how does it work? Next is to consider the key principles of the approach: cross-functional teams, radical transparency, feedback and feed forward, constant improvement. 

Read about the ALL Introduction course here…

Foundation course

The foundation course describes the background to leadership approaches, focusing  on “servant leadership” which is central to Agile Lean organizations. It addresses the nature of “intrinsic motivation” as it relates to how people engage in, perform and enjoy their work. It looks at the values, principles and methods of Agile Lean Leadership, particularly as they relate to scaling Scrum, Agile and Lean out to the whole organization. Read about the ALL Foundation course here…

Practition course

This module deals with the practicalities of the working patterns, templates, and meeting agendas that are part of implementing Agile-Lean Leadership. 

Case studies and practical applications are discussed along with the empirical evidence that demonstrates the value of ALL. Read about the ALL Practition course here…

ALL Teams and Specifications

Working in cross-functional teams is key to ALL, but is often new to many organizations. This module discusses how teams create specifications and how they collaborate with all stakeholders to reach a common understanding and to accomplish the shared goals.

For ALL Teams, read here… and for ALL Specifications, read here…

Coaching and mentoring

ALL is more about practice than theory, so our team of experienced specialists is available to give on-site assistance in both initial implementation on on-going support. Read more here…


Agemba is a cloud-based software tool designed by Agile-Lean experts to help organizations of all types work more effectively. It provides tools that facilitate real-time, team collaboration with total transparency. For more information see Agemba website here…

ALL Network

Agile Lean Leadership provides practical help through a network of professional educators, coaches and mentors, If you are interested in being part of that contact us at