FREE WORKSHOP: Biting the Agile Bullet – Help us show Value for Managers

Wednesday, April. 27 7 PM CET. Duration: 1  hour 

Facillitators Kurt Nielsen, Vibeke Christensen and Paul Norton

Scrum and Agile thinking is being applied in many types of organizations, producing an increased focus on the customer and helping to ensure quality, empowerment and creativity in the development of products and services. 

But if Agile, Scrum and Lean are to have a profound effect on the overall culture and thinking in an organization – the value of its application has to be clear, persuasive and appealing to everyone, including those who hold managerial positions.

Numerous Scrum trainings have shown us that these questions surface again and again. People who hold significant positions and fulfill key roles in traditional organizations want to know how a change to an agile mindset would affect them and their roles specifically. “What happens to me?” and “What’s in it for me?”

Wednesday, April 27, 7 PM CET we invite everyone interested to a collaborative workshop with the aim of producing some “unique value propositions” for our colleagues in managerial positions on the value and benefits of a profound organizational shift from hierarchy to scaled out agility.

Take part in making the case for why taking on an agile mindset is not just biting the bullet, but an opportunity for creating meaningful work and sustainable organizations.

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