Free Webinar: The Psychological Basis of being Agile and Predictable


Wed. February 23. 2022, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA. Duration 1 hour

Presenters Anne Due and Kurt Nielsen

Within organizations, we often want to be more agile – capable of reacting to change and navigating nimbly with a constant focus on creating products and services of quality. Being agile seems especially important when uncertainty or complexity increases.

Some of the outside sources of uncertainty that require us to be agile are easy to see (changing markets, pandemics, politics, etc). But there is also a substantial psychological (and social) component that affects our ability to be agile and make good and sound decisions . 

This webinar explores agile decision-making and the factors that affect our decisions. We utilize Daniel Kahneman’s writings including his focus on cognitive biases and extrinsic and intrinsic noise and apply these analytical tools to organizational settings and everyday decision-making.

The webinar includes practical ideas on how to combat biases and reduce noise and audit any entrenched practices we might have. 

Hopefully, this one-hour webinar will help you to spot potential blind angles in the decisions you are involved in and equip you with approaches on what to do about it. 

Join us for a deep-dive presentation on the emotional, social and cognitive factors that unavoidably seem to affect our decisions. And bring your perspectives and questions for a non-compulsory discussion at the end. 


You can sign up through Meetup

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