FREE WEBINAR: Handling of conflict in an Agile way

Wed. August 18. 2021, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA. Duration 1 hour

PresentersPaul Norton and  Kurt Nielsen

We restart our popular webinars after the summer Holidays of 2021 with a hot topic, often brought forward in our training and coaching sessions:

Handling of Conflict in an Agile way

The event takes place on Wednesday the 18. August 2021 on meetup, read more here…

Conflict and disagreement are often overlooked when talking about Scrum and Agile in the wider perspective. People try to put a positive spin on things and that is good. Realistically, however,  conflict and disagreements will happen, so the question remains: is there a distinctively Agile and Lean way to handle these things?

Our answer is yes. By avoiding command and control and seeking collaboration based on trust and respect, there are some recommended patterns to follow, but as all human relations are complex, situations cannot be handled with a cookie-cutter approach.

In the webinar we will go through two kinds of conflicts often seen in organizations:

  • Conflicts in the Value Stream of the organization. Using our Agile Lean Leadership terminology, the Value Stream in an organization consists of Circles, which are departments in classic organizations. Sometimes these Circles may interpret events differently or have divergent interests, which cannot be resolved within reasonable time.
  • Conflicts between people inside Teams or in general.

For each of these we step through patterns for resolution based on the fundamental tenets of self-management:

  • Nobody should use force against others, all interactions should be voluntary.
  • People should honor the commitments they make to others.

Come and join us for an inspirational hour of interactive learning and discussion.

Paul Norton
Kurt B. Nielsen

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