FREE WEBINAR: Design vs. Lean vs. System Thinking

Wed. September 15. 2021, at 7:00 PM CET/ 1:00 PM East Coast, USA. Duration 1 hour

PresentersTom Mellor

What do design thinking, systems thinking and lean thinking have in common? They all require thinking!!
We’ll venture beyond the obvious and examine their similarities and differences, and perhaps most importantly, their symbiotic and synergistic relationships. It is possible to apply the thinking for only one of the areas, but that limits us to one-dimensional thinking. In modern application, system, technical and non-technical product development, we are better off thinking three-dimensionally: with design, system and lean.
Some recent discussions I have observed suggest that these three “thinking hats” compete with each other, but I feel that is a misconception.
We’ll examine how all three can come together to create an environment that forms the foundation of being agile. When we finish, I hope you have an appreciation of how the three areas can be combined to provide a solid basis for solving wicked problems.

Tom Mellor

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