Free online follow-up Event Wednesday 7. August 15:00 CET

Continuing the free follow up webinars for those who have participated in our Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership courses. The format is a short presentation of an interesting or new topic (approx. 20 min) and then an opportunity to ask – also general – questions and participate in the diskussion (ca 30 min).

The next follow-up Webinar, will take place on Wednesday the 7. August at 15:00 CET. The topic this time is Why Dual Leadership in Scrum and Agile Lean Leadership. Quite often people will ask, why do we need two leadership roles in Scrum ? Product Owner and Scrum Master, isn’t this waste? Can’t one person just do it?.
There are many good reasons. In this session we discuss the most important ones:
  • In the complex domain, keeping full attention on the external affairs, satisfying stakeholders optimally, and internal affairs, satisfying Teams and the general organization, can easily be too much for one individual.
  • Authority is confined to individual domains, it reduces the likelihood of one person developing into the Almighty Imperial Leader, with all the accompanying negative consequences
  • There is always someone else in a leadership position to review your ideas and plans.
  • If no special attention is dedicated to the constant improvement, it tends to evaporate in the heat of the everyday moment.

As a bonus, especially for those, who have purchased “Agile Cards” from us, we have two extra webinars the  8. August at 15:00 CET and the 9. August at 13:00 CET; they deal with estimation using the cards. The first one is held in Danish, the second in English. Everybody is welcome.

Sign up via email at and receive a link to participate via. Questions can also be sent to this address before the event.

— Kurt Nielsen

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