Participants in the Agile Lean Leadership educational courses can choose to sit an examination after each course. This consists of a written assignment for review and assessment by the course instructor and one independent instructor. The students will receive comments and a pass/fail note, grades are not given. The examination costs EUR 160, USD 180 or DKK 1,200.

The purpose of this examination is to give the student the opportunity to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding than the classic multiple-choice questionnaire offers and to create a more permanent imprint of the principles and practices taught in the course. 

Students can use the examination to demonstrate personal achievement and to provide inspiration for further study. Including the exam on a CV or Resume shows initiative and demonstrates skills that are important to prospective employers. 


Each training course has a collection of exam questions that cover topics from the course. A question can be a synopsis of a scenario, describing a situation and asking the student to suggest a course of action. It can also be a description of an unfamiliar or non-standard situation, where standard practices do not suffice, requiring the student to suggest adaptations or compromises. Finally, a question can also be a call for innovation, asking the student to produce a novel way of presenting data or conducting a meeting. The questions are in English.

Exams consist of four (4) or five (5) essay questions, the answers to which should be approximately 1000 – 1500 words each. Illustrations (drawings, sketches, photos) are welcome but do not diminish the word count requirement. Essays can be in English or any of the following languages; Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and German. The student has four (4) weeks to complete the exam. am. The result is submitted to the email address

If a student finds a question unclear (which is likely), it is possible and encouraged to ask clarifying questions before writing the essay as a refinement exercise; up to five written questions will be answered by one of the instructors.

A typical essay format is:

  • State your understanding of the problem
  • Outline your solution
  • Explain the detail of your solution

When the student hands in the completed exam, two subject matter experts (two of the accredited Agile Lean Leadership trainers) will review it, agree on a pass/fail verdict and provide comments.

The students can use the response essay in any way desired; the response is in principle open, i.e. there are not copyrights or intellectual property attached to it. The student may allow AgileLeanHouse to publish the response on its website either anonymously or with credit. AgileLeanHouse may ask the student’s permission to publish the essay or parts thereof in other publications with appropriate credit.

The student can retake the exam with new questions every year if so chosen.