Presenting collaborators and educators of Agile Lean Leadership:

Leise Passer is part of the Agile Lean Leadership Prime Network as an independent agile coach and trainer. Her background is within IT and systems development, and her strength and passion is to support organisations in becoming places where people really want to work and where the organisational structure scaffolds and enhances the value created. She holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and English from the University of Copenhagen.

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Anja Warich is a seasoned agile coach with first hand experience of all angles of Agile Lean Leadership – the strategic, the operational and the tactical. She has extensive leadership experience from working 25 years in the Information and Communications Technology area. Anja is based in Norway with her family and is a valued member of the Agile Lean Leadership Network as a communicator, trainer and coach. Her contribution to the ALL Prime Network as a partner is unique and substantial. Anja has an MBA in International Leadership, from the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo; a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and a DEA in Signal and image Processing from ENST, Paris.

René Jon Figgé is a Certified Product Owner, Scrum Master and IPMA B certified senior projectmanager. René teaches Scrum Master Advanced and Teams Advanced in cooperation with Agile Lean House. 
He has aquired more than 30 years of project management ecperience in positions as Senior Projectmanager, consultent, client director and head of department.
René is a very experienced senior projectmanager, facilitator and educator. As Head of Projects, he has also been responsible for the establishment and competence development of a large project department and thus also has extensive experience in the development and management of employees.
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Deborah Jeruto Kipng’eno is managing our operation in Kenya and responsible for market research and point of contact to local partners in East Africa as well as participating in training and supporting organizations. Deborah holds a Masters degree from the University of Southern Denmark in Business and Entrepreneurship.