In compliance with GDPR of May 25th, 2018 AgileLeanHouse A/S (The Company) and its brands ( and only process personal information for people external to The Company in order to communicate the following categories of communication:

  • General Newsletter and Announcements
  • Training Offers
  • Tools Offers

The Company only keeps a record of names and email addresses in its CRM, and will promptly delete these data upon request either through the form below or by sending an email to If a telephone, Skype or conversation has been conducted, the number and/or SkypeId may be stored with the record in the CRM. The company will never share this record with any third party.

Such data has only been collected and is only kept as part of an ongoing communication about education and tools, which The Company regards as an activity it has the right to in this line of business.

The CRM data is kept in Google Drive and concerning historical email communication in GMail.

Regarding the personal data for employees, shareholders and board members, refer to The Company’s internal GDPR documentation.