Invitation to Collaboration around Agile Lean Leadership

The Agile Lean Leadership Network is seeking collaborators and partners in our mission to provide educational material and tools to those serving the community with Agile Transformations of whole organizations.

AgileLeanHouse has worked with Agile and Scrum for almost 15 years and I have been a Certified Scrum Trainer for 11 years, which has been good. However, the market is moving and many SMEs are looking to sharpen their approach to the increasingly complex world in which we now operate. At the same time, we are losing ground in large companies to SAFe and other Taylorist-Agile hybrid frameworks which let management continue undisturbed, in what one of our large customers calls the “permafrost-layer”, that is, in a state which is impenetrable and impervious to change.  

For some years we have worked with other Scrum Trainers and coaches in Scandinavia on how to expand to the entire organization, the Scrum patterns we treasure at the team level and thus build an Agile Lean Organization on the same coherent principles. This has resulted in a specific pattern and learning program, that we call Agile Lean Leadership; it consists of training content, online training and coaching and presentations.

Gemba – the real place

We have also developed an online tool called Agemba for supporting Agile and Lean at the organizational level, with strategic tools like Roadmap, Story Map, outline and delegations. I know some are convinced that tools get in the way of true Agile behavior, but we find that the right tools can be an enabling constraint and also help keep people close to the optimal path.

The certification bodies and large consulting companies are locked into a 20th century model that is no longer optimal. So, to bring the benefits of these concepts to a wider community, a different approach is necessary. We have established the Agile Lean Leadership Network (ALLN) of individuals and organizations to help organizations get more value out of their efforts through education, coaching and toolmaking. We invite those of you who share our vision to participate in ALLN. Read more about ALLN here…

In order to promote wider use and further development of our concepts, content and tools, ALLN is moving to an Open Source platform. Individuals and organizations can join up, use and modify the material and tools for their own clients. The future of the pattern, content and tools is guided by a council of Guardians selected by ALLN..

ALLN is initially sponsored by and operates in legal terms under AgileLeanHouse A/S (ALH), a Danish corporation. ALH already has many shareholders in Scandinavia and the Netherlands. There is an opportunity to join as a shareholder of ALH for those who want to partake in the commercial side of things.

We have met a lot of interested parties over the last months so we invite you all to a little Symposium – a formation event in Vejle, Denmark 20.-23. January 2020:

  • 20. January 2020 – Agile Lean Leadership Boot Camp for those who want to serve as trainers and coaches. Agreements, collaboration arrangements, resources etc. will be discussed in detail.
  • 21. January 2020 – Agile Lean Leadership Advanced Teams Course
  • 22. January 2020 – Agile Lean Leadership Foundation Course
  • 23. January 2020 – Agile Lean Leadership Practition Course

The Symposium is held at Green Tech Center, Lysholt Allé 6, D-7100 Vejle, Denmark (see map here…) every day from 9:00 to 16:30-17:00 depending on discussion. The Boot Camp on the 20. is free of charge for those who have already made a preliminary commitment to be part of the Agile Lean Leadership Network. For the rest of the days normal commercial conditions apply, please see here… 

We recommend travelling by plane to Billund Airport, if train is appropriate then Vejle station. We recommend Cabinn for people who want to be in the center of town or who come by train or Hotel Hedegården if you come by car. We will try to help you with transport to and from Green Tech Center, train station and airport.

You can contact us for a detailed discussion, more information, agenda for the Boot Camp or an appointment to meet at or +45 3170 1346

Read more about Agile Lean Leadership, Agemba and Agile Lean House here. You can find background articles and videos

No one has to change, survival is optional! W. Edwards Deming

Agenda for ALL Boot Camp

The Agile Lean Leadership Boot Camp is a recurring network event for those who want to use the ALL pattern professionally, either for teaching and coaching clients, or internally in an organization.

The Boot Camp on the 20th of January 2020 is held in our training facilities in Vejle, Denmark

The training facilities in Vejle

The objectives of the January 2020 event are:

  • To bring the current network members together and align us all on common values and common goals. 
  • To step through the foundation, values, principles and patterns, review, amend or reaffirm these. 
  • To step through the commercial and legal structures in the network, review, amend or reaffirm these. 
  • To decide on a plan of action for attacking the market in 2020.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Welcome and presentation.
  • Brief history and background of Agile Lean Leadership and the Agile Lean Organization.
  • Presentation of and Group session on The Agile Lean Leadership Appetizer. Gathering of ideas for the backlog.
  • Group session of the ALL Values, Principles and Patterns. Gathering of ideas for the backlog.
  • Presentation of and group session on commercial and legal structures in the network.
  • Practical details of working with and collaborating around the presentations and illustrations.
  • Presentation and Review of Agemba – tha Agile workflow tool.
  • Rounding off, plan for collaboration in 2020.
  • Evening meal/reception, socializing and networking.
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