The Agile Lean Leadership Bootcamp on 20. January 2020

An inspiring group of people had found their way to Vejle in Denmark on the 20.-23. January 2020 to work on the practical details of collaboration in the Agile Lean Leadership Network and participate in mutual training and education on the subject.

Many topics were touched on, progress was made and some things were changed to the better, just as it should be. One thing that stood out was the urgency of being able to help organizations, many people experience the same: organizations realize they have to change, the treasured stability and predictability of the hierarchy and fixed budgets have become a chain-and-ball preventing fast innovation.

There will be a webinar on the 10. February 15:30 CET, for those who missed out on the event, a quick recap will be given and an appetizer to Agile Lean Leadership

We will be back with a more complete report later. Thanks to everybody for participating and contributing.

— Kurt

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