Agile Lean Leadership appetizer

Agile, Clever

Since 2001 Scrum has seen widespread use in all kind of projects, especially around product development. In the larger perspective this has begun to flow together with the streams of Agile and Lean forming a veritable river of new ways to organize daily work in. It all happens in constant struggle for organizations and companies to stay relevant in the turbulent markets and conditions of the 21st century.

Geir Amsjø       | Arne Åhlander  | Kurt B. Nielsen

We have together with our Scandinavian colleagues worked on generalizing the fundamental values, principles and patterns in Scrum, Agile and Lean, so they can scale out to a complete pattern for the organization. There is a lot of value to be harvested by learning to apply these patterns.

We call this concept “Agile Lean Leadership”. We would like to invite to quick appetizer on the 12th of June in Vejle from 17:00 to 19-19:30. It is free, there is some food, but we ask for registration by sending us an email at At the event we will step through the main ideas:

  • The challenges, the values to be harvested, the historical background
  • How to organize from the outside in, always keep a direct line of sight to the customers
  • How to organize teams, decisions and interaction – also with the financial side
  • What to do from a practical perspective. We will step through a case story from Norwegian company RiksTV, where we have participated in transforming the organization
  • What is the Agile Lean Leadership educational program?

We invite to a one day public Agile Lean Leadership Foundation course in Vejle on the 30th of May and in Copenhagen the 31st of May. It is a one-day module in leadership and building of organizations. As a precondition you must have participated in a Certified Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner course, our Agile Lean Leadership – Introduction will also do. Presentation and the course is held by our Certified Scrum Trainer Kurt B. Nielsen and takes place at our company address: “Lysholt Allé 6 – DK-7100 Vejle“. Read more here…

Registration via e-mail at Get a PDF invitation here…

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