Appetizer in Malmö, Sweden

In the ongoing series of Agile Lean Leadership Appetizers that we give, today Arne Åhlander and Kurt Nielsen gave a 1½ hour breakfast seminar in Malmö, Sweden  in cooperation with Softhouse Consulting.

Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) answers the question: “What happens after we have introduced Agile or Scrum in our teams?”, it shows how to get the same benefits in the whole organization when scaling Agile and Scrum out to every corner. The presentation covered:

  • Inspiration from unlikely sources: the navy and the army.
  • Challenge for traditional management in the complex, knowledge based work of today
  • The background of Agile Lean Leadership, where did it come from?
  • The elements and structures of Agile Lean Leadership, how to actually build such an organization
  • A way forward including the challenges

We thank everybody that showed up (close to 50) and we thank you for participating, commenting and critiquing our proposition. We were impressed with how many different organizations in southern Sweden is seriously considering how to implement this sort of modern organizational structure.

Join us for one of our ALL Foundation one-day classes in Malmø on the 7. November 2018, read more here…

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