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Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) is a set of courses and services introducing Leadership based on values and principles of Agile and Lean. The Agile and Lean patterns found in Scrum and other Agile disciplines are generalized so they can be used throughout the whole organization, when scaling out. The Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) course program currently consists of six one-day courses:

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  • Course #1 is a prerequisite for course #2 and #5, this prerequisite can also be fulfilled by a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course.
  • Course #3 is combination of #1 and #2 for executives, who are less concerned about Scrum, Kanban and Agile at the Team level.
  • Course #2 or #3 are prerequisites for course #4.

ALL Prices and Conditions

  • Each course is offered at an Early-Bird price of EUR 640, NOK/SEK 5,900 or DKK 4,750 when registering more than a month before the course date after that the prices are: EUR 720, NOK/SEK 6,600 or DKK 5,250.
  • Courses include meals, course material, certificate of participation, access to on-ine resources and free participation in follow-up events for 2 years.
  • Participants can choose the pass an examination after each course. This consists of handing in a written assignment for review and assessment by the instructor and one independent instructor. The students will receive comments and a passed/failed note, grades are not given. The examination costs EUR 160, NOK/SEK 1.500 or DKK 1,200.
  • Registration via email at, invoices are sent out from the organization arranging the training course. Payment has to be received before start of the course.
  • Cancellation policy: Registration can be cancelled up until 1 month before start of the course without any fees. Cancellation between 1 month and 2 weeks before course start is charged with 50% of the course fee. Cancellation the last 2 weeks before course start will be charged fully. Transfer to a later course can be negotiated, in case unforeseen circumstances appear.
  • The courses are also offered as internal, on-site courses for organizations and companies. Normally a minimum of 10 participants are required. If it has your interest please contact us for further discussion, via email here… or find the right contact person here…

Overview of courses

#1 Agile Lean Leadership – Introduction

An introduction to the background, the mindset, the principles and the structure of Scrum, Kanban and the general Agile and Lean principles. The course provides an understanding of constant improvement, empirical process control, self-organizing teams, sense-making and tackling complexity. Estimation and risk assessment is covered together with basic prioritization. Read more here...

#2 Agile Lean Leadership – Foundation

Learn the fundamental patterns for building an organization that is fast, reliable, resilient and innovative. We discuss the Agile Context, the requirements to the leadership, the characteristics and building blocks of the organization and making the change happen. The goal is to develop that special culture based on trust, constant improvement, pride of workmanship, intrinsic motivation and organization for complexity. How to launch initiatives to make this culture emerge. Read more here...

#3 Agile Lean Leadership – Executive

A short introduction to the background and the mindset  in Agile and Lean. Learn different monitoring, estimation, risk assessment and basic prioritization techniques. Learn the fundamental patterns for building an organization that is fast, reliable, resilient and innovative. How to get in to trust, constant improvement, pride of workmanship, intrinsic motivation and organization for complexity. Full Program has yet to be released. Read more here...

#4 Agile Lean Leadership – Practition

How to take the ALL Foundation to the practical level. How to design an organization and scaling up across many teams, projects and initiatives. Starting from the periphery, where real customers are and working towards necessary service teams in the center. How to handle and escalate: service requests, opportunities and issues. How to tackle crisis in an agile organization. The mundane business of employment, contracts and hard constraints (legislation for example). Read more here...

#5 Agile Lean Leadership – Teams

The principles and practices of the Team Member, who holds the exact skills and competencies and who creates concrete solutions. How to adapt to working in a Team and in Circles. What to do at the personal level? Some people work mostly alone, in an expert role. How to participate in the constant improvement and the learning organization, accepting challenges and growing new areas of competences working for transparency and mutual respect. Full Program has yet to be released. Read more here...

#6 Agile Lean Leadership – Specifications

When working on assignments with a high content of complexity, getting to a common understanding of "Why", "What" needs to be done "When" for "Who" is not trivial. Traditional specification methods just don't suffice, there are too many misunderstandings, leading to expensive rework or unintended side-effects. Techniques to communicate are taught, user stories, state event tables, story maps, acceptance criteria etc. Meetings and review sessions, how to lead and facilitate those.

Extra courses

For those who do not need certifications or whose daily work does not match the standard Scrum pattern, we offer bespoke 1-day courses to be held for organizations on-site:

#7 Agile Lean Leadership – Operations

The principles and practices of the role focusing on the internal workings of the Team or the Circle. This person is the "Executive Officer", the "Scrum Master", the “Team Master”, the "Coach" , the "Road clearer" or the "COO". This person is looking at the internals of the organization, the people, the processes and the patterns of behaviors, always optimizing and removing impediments, always focusing on learning.

#8 Agile Lean Leadership – Strategy

The principles and practices of the role focusing on the customer, the client or the beneficiary of the Team or the Circle. This person is the "Commanding Officer", the “Team Captain”, the Scrum "Product Owner" or the "CEO". This person is responsible for the value creation, the return on investment and is always looking out, looking to customers, competitors and society at large trying to navigate to create as much value as possible with the resources (including time) spent.

List of open, public courses

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