Agile Lean Leadership is a pattern for organizing work and getting great results, especially in situations with rapid change and only fragmented knowledge; sometimes referred to by the acronym VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

The Agile Lean Leadership Network (ALLN) has been created to provide education and other resources to help promote and disseminate the ideas and concepts behind Agile Lean Leadership. In particular, the online workflow tool Agemba is available to aid and support Agile-Lean organizations. 

Specifically the purpose of the ALLN  is to create and sustain a community with a shared vision of leadership and sense of how organizations should work. We all want to get the most value out of our efforts and help others do  that as well.

Our goal is to create a sustainable organization where the patterns, tools and business models can exist for a long time, but which are resilient to future change and able to develop and adapt through constant learning and improvement. ALLN membership is by invitation and rests on a deep respect for people, those in the network those we serve and all their valued contributions. 

The Network chooses a team of Guardians to oversee the future development of the ALL pattern, including the content (training material, publications, videos) and the tools (especially Agemba). All good forces are needed to plot the right course.

All material in the network is open, and available for modification and improvement. Like  open source software projects, proposed changes are rigorously vetted by the Guardians before they are allowed into the body of knowledge or the tools. 


The structure of the ALLN can be seen in this figure:

The types of membership will be discussed in the following:

The ALL Public Network

The ALL Public Network is the outer ring and is free of charge. It consists of organizations or individuals who have an interest in Agile Lean leadership. They have access to free resources and webinars, and can provide feedback from time to time. The public network also enjoys discounts on certain products.

The ALL Prime Network

Next is the ALL Prime Network. Through paid subscriptions (POA) it gives access to content (training material, videos, test questions etc.) for internal use in organizations, or for creating services for sale to other organizations. 

The subscriptions also contain access to the online tool Agemba.

Finally there is also an opportunity for organizations to take out a subscription that contains a fixed amount of support and coaching, monthly or quarterly.

All of this is governed by a commercial model for splitting revenues fairly and securing compensation for everybody in the value chain.

The members of the Prime Network also elect the Guardians that oversee the development and the future of the whole network.

The Guardians

The Guardians define their own way of working, but they are required to split into two sub-groups: one looking after the overall concept of ALL and the other looking after Agemba and other tools. Each reviews of the other group’s recommendations.


The option exists  to become a shareholder in AgileLeanHouse A/S, where the operation legally takes place. In principle this is separate from the Network. Shareholders do not have special influence on the ALL pattern or the tools, but participate in running a sound commercial operation which is secure and sustainable.


Although technology has sped forward in the last 20 years, organizational management is largely the same now as it was in the mid-industrial age. The ALLN provides an opportunity to harmonize organizations and the work they do, serving customers more effectively, while creating a better balance in the workplace and more value for all stakeholders. I chose to become an ALLN member because I believe there is a better, more modern way to run today’s complex organizations and I am eager to be part of that drive. Paul Norton, MA USA.

I have worked with Agile disciplines, teaching and coaching for a number of years. I have also co-trained a number of times with Kurt Nielsen of AgileLeanHouse. For me the Agile Lean LEadership pattern is the simplest and most coherent pattern for getting the Agile and LEan principles out through the whole organization. If we in the smaller countries are going to stand a chance against the big technology behemoths, then we have to be able to out-maneuver them. That is why I am a member of the ALLN, to help organization be resilient and sustainable. Christian Myrstad, Oslo Norway.