Join the network to enjoy access to a wealth of knowledge that will help your organization become more agile, resilient, and sustainable.
Join the ALL Network to enjoy access to a wealth of knowledge that will help your organization become more agile, resilient, and sustainable. The Network also enables you to deliver top-level services and tools to your clients.

Agile Lean Leadership (ALL) is a general framework for building organizations handling complex issues effectively and enabling the engagement of people. As such it needs varied perspectives and vigorous input from the members to create the best solutions. In the same way, supporting tools like Agemba and Cool Estimation require continuous and diverse input to keep pace with the evolving needs of Agile Lean organizations. The members agree that the best solutions are created through open and active collaboration.

There is a public network of people who signed up for news mail and meetup events. They get inspirational regular mail and LinkedIn updates for continuous learning, access to a public archive of literature and artifacts plus invitations to free educational webinars and Open Houses

The ALL Standard Network

A two-year membership is granted to everyone who receives a certification after finishing an ALL course, after that a subscription can be purchased. Members receive

  • Regular, news, updates, and learning nuggets
  • Full Library of literature, artifacts, recordings of select webinars and training sessions
  • 1 free 3-hour online course per year
  • Access to online feedback and discussion on the Membership Portal
  • 10% discount on standard courses and events
Agile Lean Leadership Feedback and Discussion


Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is an extension of the standard one, with extra benefits at a slightly higher commitment:

  • Personal coaching or mentoring 2 hours per year
  • Free recertification – test or written assignment + a full-day course
  • Free Gold events online and in person
  • Access to all recordings and training sessions
  • 20% discount on standard courses and events

The ALL Prime Network

The ALL Prime Network comprises individuals and organizations that use the Agile Lean Leadership framework and associated services and tools from AgileLeanHouse A/S, to build modern, resilient, and sustainable organizations. The Prime Network also supports and contributes to the ongoing development of the services.

A common goal for the members is to advance modern progressive leadership in organizations and improve the value generation in their own and in client organizations.

In essence, Agile Lean House serves the Prime Network members as a shared organizational research, development and support organization allowing the members to focus on their core business while having access to a dedicated talent pool in this highly specialized area.

Get access to education, support, mentoring in Agile Lean Leadership and supporting tools.

Become part of the community developing these areas further. We are all on a journey towards a better way of organizing and leading our organizations. The benefits on top of the gold ones are:

  • Personal coaching and support 1 hour monthly
  • 5 License Agemba and Cool Estimation
  • Access to educational material and templates 
  • License to use in public consulting
  • Free participation, in boot camps, reviews and participation in the Guardian process of the framework and the tools.

Trainer Membership

You can extend your Prime membership with a Trainer Membership. As an ALL Trainer, you can deliver our training courses with certification, and you get:

  • License to deliver those ALL training courses accredited to
  • Access to use ALL Membership Portal
  • Access to initiate tests and exams
  • Participating in Trainer reviews and boot camps
  • Participation in course material development

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