AgileLeanHouse expansion demonstrates Resilience

AgileLeanHouse has completed an important round of funding through the Agile Lean Leadership Network in the midst of this difficult period.

2020 taught us a lot of lessons. The Covid crisis severely impacted many long term customers and partners causing important sources of revenue to simply stop.

Fortunately, the resilience gene already existed in our company DNA through access to different markets and a versatile, cross-functional staff, able to respond quickly to new situations. 2020 was supposed to be when we expanded our network of those working with Agile Lean Leadership, Scrum and its derivatives and the time to start seriously promoting our fabulous Agile Collaboration Tool, Agemba. But, 2020 did not pan out as we imagined; if ever there was a Black Swan, this was it.

Part of our expansion strategy was to seek funding for a major market communication program. This turned out to be an uphill battle.

It is difficult to encourage leadership change in those whose careers are affected by it, particularly when they hold the purse strings; but it is true that our products and services clearly challenge the status-quo of hierarchical plan driven management.

In the end, we took a different path and teamed up with people who share our vision and were willing to invest and pool resources to finance the next leg of the journey.

We are proud to have expanded our shareholder base and particularly proud that now we have Network members and shareholders in 5 countries and most ALH employees own shares in the company. And, it won’t stop there as plans for 2021 include international expansion of activities and ownership programs.

Always with the service to the customer in mind, we are committed to building a company based on broad ownership, democratic process and the opportunity for personal development and mastery.

Having completed this investment transaction we are looking forward to the challenges of 2021, where hopefully the fog will lift and we can start operating more normally again.
As always, we are here to help organizations reap more benefit from their efforts, through training, coaching and tools.

Happy Christmas and New Year, yours sincerely Kurt Nielsen

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