Course in Agile Lean Leadership

Geir Amsjø  | Arne Åhlander | Kurt Nielsen

We, a group of Scandinavian Scrum Trainers, have created a set of courses and services in Agile Lean Leadership, where we generalize the Agile and Lean patterns found in Scrum and other Agile disciplines so they can be used throughout the whole organization.

We offer an Agile Lean Leadership Fundamentals course in Vejle on the 30. of  May 2017, and the 31. of May in Copenhagen from 9 to 17, instructor will be Kurt Nielsen. The course is an extension of classic Agile disciplines such as Scrum, they focus on single teams or projects, we scale out into the whole organization. The course will teach the participants the foundation of building an organization that:

  • Is fast
    • Delivers value fast
    • Learns fast
    • Changes fast and inexpensively when needed
  • Is reliable and resilient
    • keeps promises and commitments
    • Have high quality standards in all aspects
    • Is able to react quickly and sensibly to the unexpected
  • Is innovative
    • Have motivated, energetic employees
    • Explore and experiment
    • Can handle complex challenges
  • Have balanced empathy
    • With the customer
    • With the employee
    • With other stakeholders and society at large

The following principles and models are used

  • Cynefin for complexity and sense-making
  • Systems Thinking
  • Beyond Budgeting
  • Dual Leadership
  • Lean thinking, Scrum and Kanban
  • The Learning organization

Target group

Ambitious managers/leaders at middle and top level, who want to capitalize on the benefits of Agile Lean Leadership.

The agenda for the day is

  • Agile Lean context
    • ​The challenges and benefits
    • The history of and trends in Agile Lean Leadership, contrast to neo-Taylorist management
    • Intrinsic motivation and pride of workmanship
  • Agile Lean Leadership, a synthesis learned from:
    • Cynefin for complexity and sense-making
    • Systems Thinking
    • Beyond Budgeting
    • Dual Leadership
    • Lean thinking, Scrum and Kanban
    • The Learning organization
  • Agile Lean Leadership, the 4 values and 16 principles
    • Clarity of purpose​, a clear vision
    • A clear line of sight to the customer, be clear on who you serve and why
    • Leadership in complex domains, the organization as a complex organism. Binding people together with common goal and values, not rules and regulations
    • Focus on sustainability and resilience, keep everything working over time and through changes
    • Building psychological safety and leading for learning
  • Agile Lean Organization, characteristics and building blocks
    • Challenges in the organization
    • Creating trust, transparency and commitment
    • Decentralized mandate and decision making, design of teams, circles and roles
    • Disciplined reflection, learning and improvement
    • A prototype ALL organization , periphery, center, teams, circles etc.
  • Agile Lean Change, making the change, some practical patterns to follow
    • Making sense of the situation in the organization, the future backwards
    • Involving the organization in designing the organizational architecture
    • Dual Leadership in real life
    • Further reading and learning, recommendations
  • Deep Questions and Answers

Some understanding of fundamental Agile and Scrum will be required, for example through a Certified Scrum Master or Product Owner course or our Agile Lean Leadership – Introduction course. Please read the full course program here…

The price is EUR 640, NOK/SEK 5.900 or DKK 4.750 excl. VAT, please register at

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