We have different options for people to participate in our Network, here you will find a graphic representation of the options

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A bit of explanation:

  • Regular mail update. We send out regular emails with information about our latest posts, articles, videos, free webinars, and other events.
  • We have a popular archive of literature and useful artifacts. There is a public section and one for standard members.
  • Standard members have access to a free 3-hour online training per year. Gold members to full-day in-person or online.
  • For the time being, we have added a monthly online Über-retrospective, please sign up   here…
  • Access to online feedback and discussion, using our Membership Portal and Agemba tool. Members can interact and discuss with Trainers and Coaches.
  • Gold members and above have access to free re-certification.
  • We have a host of recordings, some are public, some for standard members, and some for gold ones.
  • Prime members and Trainers enjoy special events such as boot camps, where new directions are determined and a general exchange of knowledge happens.