Agile Lean House represented at Agile Around the World

Kurt Nielsen and Arne Åhlander will be representing Agile Lean House at the Agile Consortium Belgian Annual Edition. The event is online and they will be speaking Thursday the 25 of March at 10:00-11:00 CET.

“The presentation will describe a modern, non-hierarchical way of structuring organizations to be highly resilient and able to create sustainable value for all stakeholders in complex times of rapid change. A reliable and innovative approach that provides consistency of purpose and enables constant learning, adaptation and improvement. “We want to be able ro turn on a dime for a dime”. We call it Agile Lean Leadership. Important aspects of Agile Lean leadership are: Customer Centricity, The Value Stream and a consolidated set of Values and Principles. In the presentation we will show a set of a few practical, enabling constraints that are easily implemented and will govern the individuals and the organization on the journey towards agility.” 

Read more about the schedule and sign up to join.

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