Agemba helps leaders in organizations design, describe, decompose, delegate and document their important initiatives, product developments and projects. It is particualr helpful when work has to be accomplished across geographical boundaries.

Based on years of experience with Agile, Lean and in particular Scrum, we have created this IT-tool that keeps the best from the manual board-based visualization yet uses the computer for the things that cannot be handled manually.

Users create Initiatives (like projects) with goals, collect spe­cification stories and acceptance criteria, decompose and delegate, have teams working and still keep the big picture.

For each Initiative there is a functional overview, called the Story Map, linked to the values created, the road-map with Milestones, and the Actors involved. There is a Backlog with deliverables and a task-board for working in Sprints (iterations) or in continuous flow. Issues and ideas are handled.

Who is this for?

The focus is to help people with responsibilities for the outcome of projects and initiatives to focus on doing the right things. To enable them to make sense of the often conflicting demands, and focus on those that actually provide value to stakeholders. Not just doing things efficiently with low cost.

Everybody in projects and initiatives benefits from using 現agemba, they have transparency into what has happened, what should be done next and what the impediments are. However, special attention is paid to the people handling the strategic aspect of projects and initiatives. Think of CEOs, departmental leaders, project managers and product owners. 現agemba also helps small innovative startups to keep there eyes firmly set on the values they want to achieve and customer value adding activities.

In complex projects and initiatives, leaders work to increase levels of communication and interaction, in order to facilitate emerging solutions consisting of something known combined with something new.