Agemba provides users with complete transparency into their Agile and Lean work, an agile collaborative solution that enables modern complex work from Kanban and Scrum to full Agile Lean Leadership.


Agemba provides the ability to design, describe, de­com­pose, delegate, document and supervise important initiatives, product developments and projects. Agemba’s customizable Dashboard gives an immediate overview for everybody in the organization. An abundance of Dashlets can present data in just the way needed to extract the core information. Immediate status of key data is captured at a glance on large screens, PCs or mobile devices.

Roadmap and Outline

Two of Agemba’s great innovations are the Roadmap and the Outline view, a unique combination of a Story Map (a functional breakdown) and a Timeline. The Roadmap establishes common vision and common goals. Everybody can see relationships and dependencies at a high level. The Outline allow the discerning to dive into appropriate detail and see when things must or will be available, when things are planned to be done.


The key to success with complex work is to keep a  firm grasp of the real situation. In Agemba the Storymap is a cornerstone. It visualizes the solution, the values to the stakeholders and time based constraints in a two dimensional structure, matching our brain’s cognition and memory. The Storymap is a combination of a mind map with a spreadsheet, always aggregating information to the level of interest for the stakeholder.

Other Features

Agemba has a strong collaborative aspect, all Comments and changes are tracked, there is complete traceability, who did what and when. Users are presented with everything of relevance to them. Agemba has a very powerful data analysis tool, it is simply called the List View. With this all data including historical statistical data, can be queried, filtered, sorted and presented. Agemba supports the full Agile patterns of working such as Scrum and Kanban.