Agemba is available in a number of license bundles, where each license provides a user with full interactional access to the organization’s Agemba site.

With the purchase of an Agemba site, an organization has the option of inviting Guest users into the site to view progress or contribute. 20 free Guest licenses always accompany any purchase with the possibility of purchasing more.

Yearly payments release a 20% discount on prices.

Agemba is backed by online and phone support plus assistance from a network of ambassadors that can help configure and implement a solution.

Agemba is built on the latest industrial-strength technologies and hosted in a secure environment in the cloud.

Licenses Monthly subscription
5 FREE TRIAL for three months. After that € 50/m 
10 € 100/m
20 € 200/m
30 € 300/m
50 € 500/m
80 € 750/m
130 € 1100/m
200 € 1600/m

Try out trial version and purchase subscription

You can request your 3 months FREE trial version of Agemba here.

To purchase an Agemba subscription, please visit our webshop: Agile Lean Shop.

From the Agile Lean Shop customers will be able to manage their Agemba subscription with monthly or yearly credit card payments. Upgrade to more licenses can be seamlessly handled and updated immediately in Agemba.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact