Agemba is a cloud-based solution for managing work in organizations. It provides transparency of goals, solutions, progress, risks and impediments.

It fosters cross-location collaboration – in a highly intuitive and accessible way.

What is Agemba


With the aim of delivering high quality results to the customer, on time and on budget, Agemba is a cloud-based software tool that helps companies manage complex work projects using Agile Lean organization and leadership patterns. It’s powerful database provides critical data and razor-sharp perspective, enabling transparency and complete traceability across the organization, ensuring that decisions are made based on facts, not speculation. It’s innovative estimation tools provide Product Owners with the information they need to budget more accurately and satisfy the customer.

Why Agemba


In today's rapidly changing and complex world, strategic decisions have to be made quickly, but corporate leadership often has to rely on outdated information which has traveled through long, distorted reporting chains. To make the best-informed decisions without delay, leaders need to see “the real thing”, which the Japanese call “gemba”. Providing immediate insight into the workings of an organization, its team structures, projects and initiatives, Agemba supports radical transformation through transparency and collaboration, using the power of teamwork and engaged, motivated people to make good things happen.


Agemba — key Features

Circle Map
  • Dashboard. This gives instant, user-based overviews for everyone in the organization. Customization Dashlets present vital data, providing status updates and key action items.
  • Circle Map. The Circle Map supports a “Team-of-Teams” organizational structure allowing project elements to be designed, described, analyzed, delegated, documented and supervised, providing transparency of goals, solutions, progress, risks and impediments.
  • Story Map. The key to success with complex projects is to always know the truth and the facts of the situation, i.e. to be at “gemba”.
    Story Map

    The Circle and Story Maps are key points from which to visualize the organization and project status in an easy to understand two dimensional structure. It is a combination of a mind map and spreadsheet which constantly aggregates information for the specific interest for the user, providing focus and better alignment between collaborating parties.
  • Road Map and Outline views offer a unique combination of Story Map (a functional breakdown) and a Timeline, which shows external dependencies such as plan projections, due dates, availability etc. In complex projects the worst dependencies are those linked to time. The Road Map and Outline provide an opportunity to understand the time constraints and assess the main challenges to the project. All views also contain a “details pane” which provides context and aids prioritization.
  • List View provides one-off snapshots of unique data sets and/or custom views that can be exported to a user’s Dashboard, to a spreadsheet, or a third party application through its advanced API, the List View is a powerful analytical tool for querying, filtering and sorting Agemba’s database,including all historical and statistical data.



Try out Agemba for yourself


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