現agemba provides full overview of all projects and initiatives

Although nothing beats physical interaction and paper and pen, sometimes you just need a tool to support collaboration, planning and reporting.

Agemba is an online tool for desktops and mobile devices implementing all the Agile and Lean practices and patterns throughout the organization. Agemba’s main focus is to provide total and immediate transparency of the real situation to everybody, however in particular to the leadership. It is a virtual “gemba” (“the real place” in Japanese).

Agemba is created by a group of dedicated professionals with years of experience in product development, project management and leadership. Agemba amplifies users’ ability to see, make sense of and respond to the real situation. Changes, challenges and opportunities emerge all the time in this complex world.

“Gemba” – the real place in Japanese

A Different Kind of Solution

Agemba provides a number of qualities to users:

  • CIrcle and Team map
  • Outline providing a vie to correlate hierarchy of stories and timewise planning
  • Strategic Roadmap providing excellent overview of long term vision and mission
  • eXtended Story Map. A full interactive overview of Values, Users, Solutions and Time Line is provided.
  • Full Traceability. All changes to specification, acceptance criteria, completion etc. are logged, for every item there is a complete comments history. Users are automatically presented with what is relevant for them
  • Integrated issue and idea tracking. As soon as users start working, future activities will be a mix of planned improvements and qualities plus things triggered by users providing feedback, issues and ideas.
  • Mixing Scrum and Kanban according to context, the Team operates in
  • Value focused. Any deliverable, any item can be linked to an issue or idea it implements or value it contributes to.

All this, and more, provides an unparalleled capability for the product owner or project manager to analyze value, cost and risk interactively, to make sense of it all and come up with the best prioritization under the given circumstances.

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