Scrum Master Advanced Training

The Advanced Scrum Master course expands on relevant Scrum Master-related topics, equipping Scrum Masters to handle the inherent challenges and diverse tasks of the important Scrum Master role.

The course adds on the original Scrum Master course with advanced theory, practice reflection, and opportunities for discussion and problem-solving.

It is primarily for Scrum Masters with some experience, who has challenges they would like to receive help to resolve and a desire to help their teams, even more, to grow to their maximum potential.

Sign up for this course to take your Scrum Master skills to the next level!

Course Content

  • Startup Reflection on Scrum Masterism

Serving the Team

  • The Shu-Ha-Ri of Scrumasterism, Psychological Safety
  • Overcoming non-engaged people, especially Team Members
  • Getting OKR, PDSA and OODA feedback loops to work

Serving the Product Owner

  • Keeping the PO, Team and Stakeholders on the same page
  • Supporting the Product Owner’s own needs
  • Acting as deputy to the Product Owner

Serving the Organization

  • Working with the Organization to create clarity
    • Goals, progress and impediments, artifacts, and meetings
    • Values, risks, and Roadmap
  • Working agreements with other parts of the Organization

Advancing Psychological Safety and Trust

  • Establish agreed simple rules of conduct and interaction
  • Improve predictability and honoring of commitments
  • Establish clear and simple working agreements
  • Be ready to handle crises. Necessary endings

Advancing Transparency and Common Understanding

  • Work on the Artifacts 
  • Be aware of the interplay between transparency and trust 
  • Techniques, templates and metrics for the toolbox

Advancing Engagement, Learning and Growth  

  • Establish an Operational Resolution Circle (Scrum of SMs)
  • Establish Secondary Circles, Communities of Interest
  • Establish a forum for debating and clarifying leadership
  • Find ways to understand people’s desires and aspirations, 


Physical courses start at 09:00 and end at approximately 17:00 and include meals and refreshments.

The price for this course is DKK 5,400/€ 720 including certification and a two-year membership of the Agile Lean Leadership Standard Network.

You can sign up by writing to or purchasing through 

Scrum Master Advanced

Prices and Conditions for Courses

  • Each public Agile Lean Leadership one-day course is offered at an Early-Bird price of EUR 640, USD 800, NOK/SEK 6,500 or DKK 4,800 when registering more than a month before the course date, after that the prices are: EUR 720, USD 900, NOK/SEK 7,200 or DKK 5,400.*
  • Each public Agile Lean Leadership two-day Course (ALLSM or ALLPO) is offered at an Early-Bird price of EUR 1,230, USD 1,500 or DKK 9,000 when registering more than a month before the course date, after that the price is EUR 1,350, USD 1,650, NOK 15,900 or DKK 10,000.
  • All Prices are excl. Danish VAT.
  • Courses include meals, course materials, certificate of participation, access to online resources and free participation in follow-up events for two years.
  • Participants can choose to sit an examination after each course. This consists of handing in a written assignment for review and assessment by the instructor and one independent instructor. The students will receive comments and a passed/failed note, grades are not given. The examination costs EUR 160, USD 190, NOK/SEK 1.600 or DKK 1,200.
  • Registration via email at, invoices are sent out from the organization arranging the training course. Payment has to be received before the start of the course.
  • Cancellation policy: Registration can be cancelled up until one month before the start of the course without any fees. Cancellation between one month and two weeks before the course start is charged with 50% of the course fee. Cancellation the last two weeks before the course start will be charged fully. Transfer to a later course can be negotiated, in case unforeseen circumstances appear.
  • For free events we kindly ask participants to register via email at Registration can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the event FOC. After that, a no-show fee of EUR 55, USD 65, NOK/SEK 550 or DKK 400 will be invoiced.
  • The courses are also offered as internal, on-site courses for organizations and companies. Normally a minimum of 10 participants are required. If you are interested please contact us for further information, via email here… or find the right contact person here…

*Except for the Agile Lean Leadership Executive Course which is offered at an Early-Bird price of EUR 825, USD 1000, NOK/SEK 8,300 or DKK 6,100 when registering more than a month before the course date, after that the prices are: EUR 920, USD 1,100, NOK/SEK 9,300 or DKK 6,800.*

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