The AgileLeanHouse Team and Network Members

The AgileLeanHouse Team is a highly diverse collection of people committed to the company’s vision and goal. We are in every respect diverse in age, gender, education, competencies, ethnicity, shape, color, and size. We believe that taking on the daunting task of redefining how organizations work in the modern age and building a tool to support this requires true cross-functionality of the Team. Learn more about the individuals and contact us if you want to know about our story. We are always looking for new talent that might augment our network further, so feel free to contact us.

DSC_0129-001 Kurt B. Nielsen is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AgileLeanHouse A/S and is responsible for the overall strategic vision, contact to the main network in the market, sales, and marketing. Kurt has participated in numerous developments of complex IT systems and projects and participated in several startups. From 1990 to 2004 he was the CEO of a software company that sold software solutions to the media industry worldwide. From 2005 Kurt has primarily worked as an educator in leadership,  Agile, and Scrum. Lately, he has been instrumental in bringing to market the Agile Lean Leadership framework for building Constitutional Organizations. Kurt holds an M.Sc.EE from Danish Technical University.
Christian Myrstad is our Norwegian anchor point and one of our key agile coaches and mentors, he conducts trainings and implementations. Christian is an expert in the use of Agemba, he is also part of the support team behind the solution. Christian is based in Oslo, Norway, and acts as the local contact and sales representative there. Christian has 35+ years of experience in designing, developing, installing, and supporting IT solutions and holds an M.Sc.EE from the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim.
Karsten Mathiasen is our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with overall responsibility for development, architecture and choice of technology. Karsten has 25+ years of experience as a software developer. He has a reputation of being the utmost reliable designer and developer, with quality and supportability of solutions as the prime focus. Karsten holds a B.Sc.EE. degree from the University of Aarhus.
Carsten Hansen is our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Carsten has over 25 years of experience in business development, strategic planning, and cross-cultural cooperation, he creates value with data for the public and private sectors. Carsten has an MSc in Computer Science and a Diploma in Business Excellence and is proficient in new business development, key account management, and product and project management.
Vibeke Kristensen is our Chairman of the Board with a special focus on strategy and marketing. Vibeke works on building strategic alliances with local businesses and promoting the ideas of Agile, Lean and Scrum. However, she is an effective communicator and delivers Agile Lean Leadership Training sessions with great enthusiasm. Vibeke has an education in sales & marketing and is also a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.
Robert Fujdiar is our Chief Operating Officer (COO), a solid anchor in Central Europe in general and the Czech Republic specifically, as he is based in Prague. Robert has substantial knowledge and experience with all things Agile, working as a trainer and coach for both smaller teams and larger businesses. Robert has a unique ability of discernment when it comes to company structures and team dynamics, where he is often able to facilitate novel solutions to entrenched action patterns and structures. Robert has a bachelor’s degree in Software Technologies and Management, and a Master’s degree in Engineering, from the University of Economics in Prague.
Lisbeth Pedersen is a senior product developer with a focus on front-end development, browser compatibility, and good tools. Lisbeth has 20+ years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces for IT solutions.

Morten Pedersen is an active participant on the board, where he contributes with knowledge and experience in strategic business development, management, digitalization, sales and marketing. Additionally, Morten works as an Ambassador for AgileLeanHouse disseminating information about Agile Lean Leadership and Agemba using his knowledge and network from several large Danish technology and development businesses. Morten brings substantial professional experience from scaling a technical consultancy business, and he has had leadership and developmental responsibility in a global development organization.
Susanne Susanne Nielsen is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is in charge of finances and administration, with 30 years of experience in business administration in Denmark and the US. She knows all the painstaking details of running a small startup business, and communicating with public authorities, banks, and shareholders.
Paul Norton is responsible for Business Development in the USA and is our principal advocate for Agile Lean Leadership in the region. He is an experienced software industry executive and has held senior roles in several technology companies, notably Pine Tree Systems and ECRM Imaging Systems. He holds an MBA from Brunel University in London.

Anja Warich is a seasoned Agile coach with first-hand experience in all angles of Agile Lean Leadership – the strategic, the operational, and the tactical. She has extensive leadership experience from working 25 years in the Information and Communications Technology area. Anja is based in Norway with her family and is a valued member of the Agile Lean Leadership Network as a communicator, trainer, and coach. Her contribution to the ALL Prime Network as a partner is unique and substantial. Anja has an MBA in International Leadership, from the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo; a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and a DEA in Signal and Image Processing from ENST, Paris.

Arne Åhlander is our Swedish anchor point. He is a veteran consultant and business developer in Scandinavia with additional global experience from Europe and Asia. Arne brings with him extensive experience from working in management teams. For more than 20 years, Arne has helped industry leaders such as Ericsson, ABB, Telenor, Telia, Volvo, and Saab. Arne holds a M.Sc.EE from the University of Lund, a Certified Scrum Trainer accreditation under Scrum Alliance and is a Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator.
René Jon Figgé is a Certified Product Owner, Scrum Master, and IPMA B certified senior project manager. René teaches Scrum Master Advanced and Teams Advanced in cooperation with Agile Lean House. He has acquired more than 30 years of project management experience in positions as Senior Project Manager, consultant, client director, and head of department. René is a very experienced senior project manager, facilitator, and educator. As Head of Projects, he has also been responsible for the establishment and competence development of a large project department and thus also has extensive experience in the development and management of employees.
Find more information about René’s work and concultancy at
Tom Mellor is a force within the Agile community and we are privileged that he has chosen to join our network. He is a Scrum practitioner, teacher, and coach and has served on the board of the Scrum Alliance. He has 20+ years of experience in a Fortune 50 company, where he introduced agility and Scrum with great success. Tom is an esteemed workshop holder and inspirational public speaker, aiming to help people and organizations be more agile and effective and to learn how to deliver quality products that satisfy users and customers quickly.

Leise Passer is part of the Agile Lean Leadership Prime Network as an independent agile coach and trainer. Her background is in IT and systems development, and her strength and passion are to support organizations in becoming places where people want to work and where the organizational structure scaffolds and enhances the value created. She holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and English from the University of Copenhagen. Find more information about Leise’s other initiatives and consultancy work at

John Petersen is a valued member of the Agile Lean Leadership Network. With a background in both law and software development, John contributes with unique perspectives on the applications of lean and agile. John is active as a trainer and works as an independent consultant as well as a contributing editor and columnist at CODE Magazine.