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After many years of teaching and implementing Scrum in Teams, Agile Lean House A/S (ALH) was formed in 2014 to help our clients implement Agile and Lean principles and patterns throughout their organizations.

The mission of ALH is to educate, assist and mentor clients as they implement Agile Lean patterns and where necessary to supply software and other tools to support their endeavors. ALH may also cooperate with clients to develop their own tools designed to improve the capabilities of their organizations.

The ALH team originally met together around another initiative but reunited in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The Team is composed of former colleagues from earlier enterprises and strengthened with several young, fresh team members. The Network includes ambassadors, contributors or shareholders from around the world, giving ALH operations in Denmark, Norway, the Czech Republic, Kenya, Mexico and the USA. ALH’s home base is in the innovative environment of GreenTechCenter in Vejle, Denmark.

Recently we have launched an aggressive initiative to scale Scrum and Agile out into whole organization, we call that Agile Lean Leadership. This has been a cooperation with the other Scrum Trainers and coaches in Scandinavia. Read more here…