We help our clients and partners get more value out of their efforts.
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Agile Lean House A/S (ALH) was formed in 2014 with a vision to fulfil this goal by serving our clients through implementing Agile and Lean throughout the organization, based on our many years of teaching and implementing Scrum in Teams.

We gave ourselves the mission of educating, assisting in implementation and mentoring plus supplying of tools. Sometimes we also participate with our clients in developing their own tools for improving the capability of their organization.

The core team behind ALH reunited after doing other things during the aftermath of the financial crisis and were strengthened with young, fresh team members. A number of  people joined our Network as ambassadors, contributors or shareholders. We found a home in the innovative environment of GreenTechCenter in Vejle Denmark. Today we operate in many countries from Norway, to the Czech Republic, Kenya and Mexico.

Recently we have launched an aggressive initiative to scale Scrum and Agile out into whole organization, we call that Agile Lean Leadership. This has been a cooperation with the other Scrum Trainers in Scandinavia. The initiative has its own website, read more here… 

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