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A short Intro

About Us

Who we Serve

We serve those, who want to improve their operation, driven by a desire to enhance their external relations with customers and beneficiaries.
We have over the years worked with companies in the IT sector, financial sector, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, large multinational corporations and institutions in the public sector. Some of these faced issues of organizational culture, some were on a burning technology platform and some simply were inspired to do better than they did before.

Company Details

Agile Lean House A/S was formed late 2014 with a vision to help organizations improve. We fulfil this goal through implementing Scrum, Agile and Lean throughout the organization, based on our many years of teaching and implementing Scrum in Teams and implementing our supporting tool Agemba.
We are an international company and we work in a network providing these services to organizations world wide.
We help create organizations that maneuver fast and are reliable, sustainable and resilient.

The Team

Is a highly diverse collection of people committed to the company’s vision and goal. We are in every respect diverse in age, gender, education, competencies, ethnicity, shape, color and size.
We believe that taking on the daunting task of redefining how organizations work in the modern age and building a tool to support this requires true cross-functionality af the Team behind.
Learn more about the individuals and contacts us if you want to know about our story. We are always looking for new talent that might augment our Team further, so feel free to contact us.

Latest Info and News

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