AgileLeanHouse Core (ALH Core) is collection of components that our Team has developed over the years. It can speed up development of a new online solution with several man years of effort, something appreciated in this day and age where time to market is of the essence. ALHC is an extension and enhancement to Open Source Enterprise Content Management system Alfresco.

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ALH Core Components

Server and Client side

  1. Customizable user permission keys based on user roles
  2. Includes site module licensing and limited license keys based on roles
  3. Activity logging including commenting
  4. Dashboard framework
  5. List view and filtering using “asearch” framework
  6. User specific application properties (e.g. collapse/uncollapse, last selected, etc)
  7. Handling attachments
  8. Push framework based on CometD
  9. ALH DNA for lifecycle and workflow management
  10. Framework for configuring use of Google charts
  11. User handling
  12. Entity link handling (i.e. Relations)
  13. Localization

Only Server side

  1. ALH extension of Alfresco sites
  2. ALH extension of Alfresco webscript handling
  3. ALH extension of Alfresco Solr searching
  4. ALH entity data modelling extending Alfresco incl. framework for editing data
  5. Server bootstrapping and support for data migration
  6. Customizable periodic sampling for statistical logging
  7. Dictionary modelling for styling types and properties
  8. Printing and PDF generation using Freemarker
  9. Export to Excel
  10. Email service

Only Client side

  1. Basic outline in SVG
  2. Basic Storymap in SVG
  3. Basic list view in HTML
  4. Edit form framework for editing data
  5. Internal routing (moving from one page to another)
  6. Bootstrap and loading of model data
  7. Basic data modelling based on Backbone
  8. ALH extension of Bootstrap dialogs for modal dialogs
  9. Login handling, including cookie handling
  10. Pagination views (e.g. for handling showing multiple items on multiple pages)
  11. View model framework for styling properties and types and menus
  12. Handling 3rd party lib integration


  1. Build and versioning setup using Gradle and Gulp
  2. Jenkins build server setup
  3. AWS (Amazon) server setup and monitoring (Nginx web server, Alfresco server, Aurora database, Linux OS)
  4. JMeter setup for automatic test of Server REST API