Webinar: Forudsigelighed og Kunderelationer

Onsdag 9. Februar kl 19:00 CET. Varighed: En time

Undervisere Paul Norton and Kurt Nielsen

Webinaret holdes på engelsk

In the wrong context predictability can mean boring and uncreative, but when you need to get something done, or when others are relying on you to meet your commitments, “predictability” can be the difference between success and failure. It can mean the difference between a happy long-term customer relationship and a dissatisfied customer that takes their business elsewhere.

This webinar also looks specifically at noise in judgments and why it is sometimes difficult to predict outcomes. We’ll dive into Daniel Kahneman’s research on how to reduce noise and explore approaches that help orient your thinking and account for the variables, risks and unknowns that can disrupt even the most carefully made plans.

The webinar will also include practical examples of tools and frameworks that provide the data and feedback to make the decisions that lead to effective, predictable and sustainable outcomes.

Join us on Wednesday, Feb. 9. at 19:00 CET for an inspiring Meetup presentation and exercise led by Kurt Nielsen and Paul Norton.

You can sign up through Meetup.

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