Webinar: Fra Hierarki til et Netværk af Teams

Onsdag, 31 Maj kl 19:00. Varighed: en time

Undervisere:  Kurt Nielsen og  Paul Norton

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When you have been used to doing something one way for any length of time, it can take a lot of work to change, even when the benefits of the new method are clear. In traditional organizations, the management hierarchy makes decisions and the workforce carries them out.

So, transitioning to an organization where decision-making is distributed can be a challenge, both for those giving up their decision-making power and those gaining new responsibilities.

It may also not be entirely clear what the alternative to the Hierarchy could be.

In this webinar, we look at the challenge of making the choice to change, the mechanics of making it happen (including some rookie mistakes) and the benefits that accrue from putting decision-making power into the hands of those with the skills and knowledge to take them.

We will also try to give some practical hints about what each person can do to enable colleagues’ engagement and willingness to participate in decision-making.

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