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A Masterclass presentation of Cynefin, quite comprehensive, 1½ hour on   YouTube


Presentation to Telenor Global

An early presentation of Agile Lean Leadership for Telenor. Available on  Vimeo

For US Partners

Appetizer for US partners August 2019. Available on  Vimeo

Kurt’s 3 episode mini-series on Agile Lean Leadership

Episode #1 on  Vimeo. Episode #2 on  Vimeo. Episode #3 on  Vimeo

Welcome to Agile Lean Leadership

Anne gives her version on   YouTube,  Vimeo




Deborah gives her version on   Vimeo




Jacob gives his version on  Vimeo




Kurt gives his version on  Vimeo


Kurt gives his talk on estimation and methods 190219 on  Vimeo


Delegation 190416, by Kurt, on  Vimeo

Scaling Agile and Scrum up 190614, by Kurt, on  Vimeo

Stanley McChrystal 190620, by Kurt on  Vimeo

Dual Leadership 190807, by Kurt on  Vimeo