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Complacency – An underappreciated form and a root cause of technical debt - Beware of the cliff you do not see, that you should have seen!
Have you tried Cool Estimation yet? - (English) Are you focusing on Value when building your products? Engage your stakeholders in estimating the Business Value of what you want to make.
Webinar: Fra Hierarki til et Netværk af Teams - Onsdag, 31 Maj kl 19:00. Varighed: en time Undervisere:  Kurt Nielsen og  Paul Norton Afholdes på engelsk. When you have been used to doing something one way for any length ...
Article: From Hierarchy to a Network of Teams - Agile Lean Leadership is a framework for creating a sustainable and resilient networked organization as an alternative to the classic, top-down hierarchy. It has provisions for serving the customers, resolution of challenges, escalation, and handling of crosscutting concerns.