Gratis webinar: At forvandle feedback til kunde værdi

Onsdag, 15 Februar, kl 19:00. Varighed 1 time

Undervisere: Paul Norton og Jacob Honeré Broberg

(Webinaret foregår på engelsk)

Constructive feedback is the foundation of all good product or service development. But truly useful feedback is hard to get and only useful when it comes from sources that matter and when it is understood and acted upon.

Today, “big data” sometimes masquerades as feedback, in that it intrusively tracks behavior and then bombards us with things it thinks we like, or more irritatingly, things we have just bought. It is a very blunt instrument for such an important job.

In this webinar, we will talk about the importance of good feedback for creating value for our customers. And, we’ll discuss new functionality we have created for gathering and handling feedback and tying it together with your regular planning. This in turn initiates the “feedback, feedforward loop” ensuring that both customer and supplier are on the same page and focused on what really matters.

Join us for an hour of presentation and discussion!

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