GRATIS WEBINAR: Crucial Conversations and Conflict Resolution

Torsdag, November. 10 kl 7. Varighed 1 time. Sprog: Engelsk

Presenter Tom Mellor and Kurt Nielsen

In our next webinar on Thursday, November 10, we will cover skills needed to have “crucial conversations” – those defined as ones where emotions run strong, opinions vary, and the stakes are high.

Negotiating such conversations is crucial to organization effectiveness. The authors of the seminal book, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, wrote that “in high performing companies…the
path to high productivity passes not through a static system, but through face-to-face conversations at all levels.”

Many of these conversations can be categorized as “crucial” and for organizations, teams, and their people, the ability to properly manage them is critical to success. We’ll provide you with information about how to recognize when a conversation turns crucial, and how to handle it even when the other person doesn’t.

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